Web and PDF Accessibility

Not everyone uses the web in the same way. Many users require assistive technologies in order to absorb web content. Modern web sites need to take this in to consideration. Just as web developers of the past tried to develop sites that displayed evenly in all browsers, modern development needs to include making the site usable by users living with various physical and cognitive disabilities.

Oftentimes, site owners do this as a service to their audience. Other times, they are mandated by law to do so.

We have many years of experience assessing and implementing accessibility solutions. We have helped Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments live up to their accessibility obligations. We can help you conform to WCAG 2.0 and AODA standards for both HTML and PDF web content.

Our partners have completed the Understanding Web Accessibility Course offered through ATutor and developed with the Adaptive Technology Resource Center (ATRC) at the University of Toronto.

We also have staff who have completed various other accessibility training courses.

Descriptive Video Transcription

Accessibility standards require that videos have associated descriptive text files describing what is happening in the video. We have produced many of these files for our clients.